This article will show you how to easily make it as an upcoming artist in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s music industry is not an easy place to make it, considering the fact that Nigeria is the largest populated country in Africa.

With over 250 million people, it is clear that at least 20 percent of the such population is going to aim for a career in the music industry.

And if you are one of such, then I advise you to read this article to the end; so you can learn how to easily make it as an artist in the Nigerian music industry.

How to easily make it as an artist in Nigeria.

To easily make is as an upcoming artist in Nigeria, you must ensure you possess and do the following:

  1. Have musical talent.
  2. Develop and improve your musical skills.
  3. Choose a musical genre that’s selling.
  4. Invest in high-quality audio production.
  5. Collaborate with established artists.
  6. Promote your music.
  7. Get press coverage in News blogs.
  8. Shoot a music video.
  9. Network and build connections.
  10. Grease the right palms.

Now let’s get the explanations to the above points.

1. Have musical talent.

There is no way you are easily going to make it in Nigeria music industry if you don’t have musical talent.

Whether you want to be a singer or rapper, the point is that you must know how to sing and rap.

There is no training that will help you to become a musical artists if you are not naturally good at doing music.

To check if you have musical talent, you can record yourself singing or rapping with your phone.

You can download a free beat online to do so.

Just play the free beat on an Mp3 or any music player you have and sing on it while recording it into your phone.

After the recording, play the recording back to your family members and friends and ask their honest opinion if you are good to go as a musician.

You can as well consult or reach out to music professionals to access your recording and see if you will make a successful musician.

2. Develop and improve your musical skills.

Having musical talent is not enough to make it as an artist in Nigeria music industry, you also need to perfect that talent.

And you can do so by undergoing basic training to develop and improve your music skills.

It could be a voice training, if you are a singer; to help you understand voice control and be able to sing various notes.

There are so many artists who do not need back ups for their music as they can sing different keys on their own; and hence back up their lead vocals.

Also, aside from singing or rapping, you can also check to see the musical instruments you can play.

Could be the piano, guitar, drums, etc. Adding this skills to your music will make you a very big artist in Nigeria music industry.

Besides, we have a lot of artists who is producers. In other words, we have so many artists in Nigeria who produce their music by themselves.

3. Choose a musical genre that’s selling.

From my personal observations and research, I think AfroBeats or AfroPop is the genre that is selling well in Nigeria.

This might be the reason the two biggest rappers in Nigeria, Olamide and Phyno have switched to this genre.

Rap music does not appeal much in Nigeria music industry. And this could be due to the fact that Nigerians don’t want to stress their ears to listen to rap lyrics.

Or maybe because afrobeat or AfroPop is danceable, and Nigerians can use it to escape a lot of stress and party their lives away.

So if you can sing, I think AfroBeats or AfroPop is the genre you need to settle for.

4. Invest in high-quality audio production.

When you think about music, also think about business. And as in business, you are the brand and your music is the product, or call it goods and services.

And as you can see, that is your selling point.

You must therefore aim to make your music meet up the Nigerian standard of production.

And the only way to do this is to get a popular music producer to make your music.

A popular producer already has the experience and what it takes to make the kind of music the public demands.

He would even help you edit your lyrics if it’s not up to the recommended format.

5. Collaborate with established artists.

If you want to easily make it as an artist in Nigeria music industry, you have to collaborate with established artists.

Even though this will be very expensive, but it’s one of the ways for an artist to blow easily into the Nigeria music industry.

If you are doing rap music, you can look for an Afrobeat artist to feature in your music.

There are so many benefits of collaborating with established artists, and one of them is that it is going to help you tap into that artists already established fanbase.

6. Promote your music.

The biggest task to easily make it as an artist in the Nigeria music industry is to promote your music.

Even if you produced your music with the most popular music producer and featured a very big artist, you need to make the music available to those who will listen to it.

The two places you can promote your music in Nigeria are online and offline.

Another name for music promotion is music marketing. And as we all know, marketing involves showcasing your goods and services to people in the hope they develop interest and purchase it.

And for that reason, you need to read and study articles on music promotion, and settle for those strategies that will help you promote your music the best way.

7. Get press coverage on music blogs.

Press coverage is the process where media houses write about what is ongoing in the life of a celebrity.

It is one great way that helps musicians in Nigeria reach stardom. Because once people starts to read about you, they will also source out your music and listen to it.

That way, you will be able to gather and grow a very large fanbase for your music career in Nigeria.

To get press coverage on News blogs, you can simply get their contents and reach out to them.

8. Shoot a music video.

Through music videos, lots of music lovers are able to relate to an artist they like and in the end are converted to fans.

People are likely to develop a particular view or feelings about who you are when they watch you display or perform on screen.

I always believe the saying “seeing is believing” really works to this effect. Because people will not get the understanding that you are renting all you are using in your music videos.

They will just adopt the understanding that what you’re doing on screen is your life style.

9. Network and build connections.

Truth be told, in the Nigerian music industry, man knows a man really matters a lot.

And for that reason, you should try to network and connect with people in the music industry.

Even if it means becoming a studio boy for a popular music producer or driver for an established artist, you just have to do something that will get you closer to an industry person.

It’s going to be a lot more easier if you have money, as you can use it get that network and connection you so much need.

10. Grease the right palm.

Let no one lie to you that anybody in this life is satisfied with the more money they have.

And for that reason, you need to use your money and buy your way into the Nigeria music industry.

You can start by sorting the gateman, the secretary, and even the one who sweeps a record label you are trying to sign with.

How about those places that shows are performed, why now go there and build rapport with people working there so they can book you in on shows.


Last modified: November 23, 2022



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